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The Eternal Record

Back from Japan! Also Visited the HF Cafe!

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Welp, time to go back to reality. Had a lot of fun, really; it was like stepping on a whole different world compared to home. Tried visiting as many districts as I could, but of course, I ended up going to Akihabara the most. I also ended up going to the HF cafe, so that was nice! Here's some pics I took of the place for anyone interested. (Forgive the picture quality, tho. ) Also watched the HF movie, too! (got the last promo CE, so that's a nice bonus.) Really looking forward to the next two.

And hey, I got some nice loot out of it! Like some artbooks, the FGO Mats, and these:

The BRS figma is old, don't mind it.
I guess I can only hope I get to go back at some point in the future. But hey, that's one checkmark on the old bucketlist, I guess!

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  1. Laserman's Avatar
    Glad you had fun!