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Shitters BL trip Comiket 93 Day 1, (2), 3

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Comiket came and went and I was too dead tired to make any posts

Day 1

Petri went to camp the corporate line at 4am with Arai while the rest of us trickled in around 9am and lined up until the venue opened at 10am

After the end of all of it, we died in Arai's parents' apartment where Canaki later joined us and we went out for a buffet. Thanks Arai.

Day 2

I ended up skipping Comiket day because I didn't feel like braving the crowd for Idolmaster, Love Live, Kemono Friends, and Yaoi doujins. Instead I hit up Asakusa alone to check out Tokyo Skytree

Day 3

If you look up "organized chaos" in the thesaurus, you'll find Comiket under the synonyms. This was especially true for day 3 as it was significantly more packed than day 1, probably because it was the day when hentai was out in full force.

It was impossible to fight the sheer current of people and it ended up taking forever for me just to get the few works I wanted. Noodleknight snagged all his stuff ASAP before camping underneath a Comiket poster so he could snag it when the event ended. We dicked around for a few hours after the end so we could skip the mad train rush and went out to Diver City to check out teh transforming Unicorn Gundam and get some revolving sushi

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  1. Laserman's Avatar
    Wow, you got to see the Unicorn Gundam transform. That's pretty amazing, man.