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just Beamu

A Slow Transition

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I am slowly making progress in my eventual transition. I sadly won't be able to get on HRT until years from now. I'll need to get through college and gain financial independence before I can realistically start that without too many major repercussions.

Ideally I'll also be living in a different state by this time. I can't change the fact that most of my family will shun me when I do eventually come out, hence the desire to move somewhere else, along with safety reasons.

At the very least I've been able to accomplish a bit. I'm out to my half-sister and her girlfriend at least. I've maintained my legs well enough for them to look pretty damn good. I'll start growing my hair out soon as well. Things will improve, if slowly.

Thankfully all of my friends are supportive of me and I've even chosen my new name. I'm hopeful for the future. I just felt the need to write about it even if it isn't very much.


  1. Sunny's Avatar
    A support system and fallback options are very important, that's for sure... You sound a lot happier and you are approaching the process very reasonably. As nice as it'd be for it to be an overnight things, treasure the little victories as they come, and don't forget things are ​improving.

    I hope it won't be that long for HRT... I assume health plan won't cover it. But you'll get there!
  2. just Beamu's Avatar
    Well I don't wanna start HRT while living with my family, so it'll be years before I can start that. Still, things are slowly improving!
  3. just Beamu's Avatar
    Oh and for anybody curious, the name I've chosen is Catherine
  4. Sunny's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GayBeamu
    Oh and for anybody curious, the name I've chosen is Catherine
    That's a nice choice. ^^

    I was curious, but it's always someone's choice whether or not to disclose, eheh.

    And that makes sense... but I'm very glad you're making headway and have people supporting you. Really, that's among the most important things for a positive road forward.
  5. LJ3's Avatar
    Good for you, everything you’re doing you can be proud of.
  6. just Beamu's Avatar
    Thanks all. I'm glad to be making any amount of headway at all with regards to it.

    And thanks Sunny I love my new name.
  7. just Beamu's Avatar
    Somewhat luckily my hair grows pretty fast
  8. Imperial's Avatar
    I wish you all the luck in the world.

    I can't imagine it will be an easy road to walk, but I wager you will get to the end of your transition feeling like a million bucks.
  9. just Beamu's Avatar
    I appreciate the well wishes, thank you, and I think you're right.