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Rance X Prologue got TLed

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So, I have followed Raizu Stash channel for a while to get some updates for FGO scenes snippets.

Then, a big surprise happened.

I was content with my combination crappy still learning nips (that doesn't go anywhere), machine translations and piecing the information from reading the discussions of people who actually can read it for real, just like what I do toward FGO and CCC.

This is the best Avengers assemble scene I ever seen since Salomon, except this is the start of the game. Can't be more hype than that.

Just after I beat the game too. I can't be happier now.

So, if anyone doesn't know, Rance X -Kessen- is supposed to be the final entry of the long-running Rance series, originally spawned as a spin-off for another Alicesoft title, Little Princess. But, Rance becomes very popular that it overtook the Little Princess game's plot, becoming the company's flagship. Basically the Fate series of Alicesoft. But what is so jarring is, it's a hentai, full circle.

Now why I am so invested in a hentai game?

Just like everybody else, I start getting hooked on this particular franchise because of Sengoku Rance (best title, no contest). The thing that so appealing of Rance series is that, Rance games tend to have good gameplay and have good story/world building aside from the obvious sex CGs cash grab. Now, I am not gonna act like I'm not interested in the sex scene, but sex scene tends to be obnoxiously long I become very bored, usually I just skip and well..., enjoy the CGs. I mean, it just about a dude pumping his hips in various speed and a woman moaning in various vocal cords, its the same shit.

Another signature in this series is how they integrate personality and character into gameplay. Did you fight a guy that in love with girl B? Girl B deal bonus damage; you has been challenged in an eating contest? Character A and C is a big eater, they perform better than every other party member; you fought a demon lover? kill the other and the other one will go berserk. There is this aspect that if you invested yourself reading the character interactions, knowing them and their relationships, you will be rewarded by actually helping your problem in gameplay. For me, this gives me another layer of knowing the characters, give me more reasons to not skip their dialogue, making them feels more alive and articulate. Rance X in particular, ramp this up to eleven.

They tend to be very hard and have no difficulty option, but I love non-real time hard game so it's a plus for me.

Rance is a very EVIL person, no matter how many EVILER guys he killed, he still a rapist. Now, I fully understand that some people enjoy a fiction by relating with the characters in it, and he can be very unsettling for these people. But, if you can get pass on that, I suggest you try it out!

Also Lia and Sheila best girl, your opinion is invalid.