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The discussion of the First True Magic

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According to the sources of Type-Moon wiki and the other available free materials I found on the net, it seems that I have things about the True Magics and the basis of the Nasuverse I donít understand.
(As Nasu really loves complicated stuff...)
There are a few concepts that Iím not 100% sure of and would like to ask for elaboration.
1)So True Ether is a type of magical energy from the Age of Gods, but what can it do and whatís the difference with it and magical energy in the modern era?
(And Gods are formed by it as well?!)
2)Just what does Bazzet mean by ĎDenial of Nothingnessí while describing the First True Magic?And what can the First True Magic possibly do?

Thank you for reading all of this.


  1. Marmadillo's Avatar
    There is almost nothing known about True Magic except offhand remarks that invite headcanon. all we know is that you can make "ether clumps" with it. Denial of Nothingness, whatever it's supposed to mean, may or may not be connected to First.

    If you want my personal headcanon, First Magic was probably used to generate the ether that exists nowadays, making modern magic/magecraft possible once the True Ether of the Age of Gods dried out. It fits the remark in Mahoyoru, that First "changed everything" and would make the user of First respected among modern magi.