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True Name: Toussaint Louverture
Alignment: Neutral Good
Alternate Classes: Saber
Gender: Female
Likes: Haiti, hard workers
Dislikes: Napoleon, Westerners, Laziness

Strength: B-
Agility: A
Endurance: A
Mana: E
Luck: C+
NP: B+

Toussaint Louverture manifests as a mature african woman, her skin almost as dark as the night sky and her hair was long and unkempt, and was black like raven feathers. Her left eye is covered by her hair. She wears a black french military uniform complete with a hat. For a woman she is very fit, possessing very pronounced abs and muscular hands. Though despite that her skin is still very gentle.

Toussaint is a very stern and cold woman, especially towards those of western descent. She hates when people over sleep or take breaks to often, scolding them for lounging around. She loves those who work and train themselves to their limit to become the person they strive to be.
She loathes Napoleon, to the point of obsession. She hates it when people compare her to him and become enraged when people say that she secretly likes.

Toussaint descends from the royal family of Great Ardra, an ancient kingdom of west Africa, as such, she is a natural born leader. Despite this, she was born a slave of the french who had colonized the home that had once been hers. Her slavery didn't keep her from getting an education, as she had been taught by her grandfather. She was taught a lot of greek and roman philosophy as well as french history. Eventually she was granted her freedom, but she never truly felt free. Eventually, the Haitian revolution rolled around, and she did not hesitate for a second to take her part. She was given a chance to take back what was her people's, and she took it graciously. She almost instantly rose to the rank of leader and became infamous among the french army as a fearsome foe. News spread to France, eventually reaching the ears of Napoleon, who then sailed off to Haiti to face her himself. He sent her a personal letter challenging her to dual, which she gladly accepted. They faced off on the outskirts of Haiti where they met in person for the first and last time, but would vividly be remembered for the rest of their lives. Records of the battle claim it was incredible to behold as the two tore each other apart like wild animals. Eventually the battle resulted in a draw, both of them fainting from fatigue. While they would never meet in person again, they would hate one another for the rest of their lives. After the rebellion had chased France out of their land, Toussaint would become the first Haitian to rule the country, continuing to protect her country till the end of her days.

Toussaint is armed with a silver curved sword named quicksilver, with a gold-covered hilt and a flintlock pistol.

Charisma B
Riding A+

Blessings of Saint Domingue
Heal all team members by a great amount.

Blade that smites the French
greatly Increases users NP gauge and lowers the defense of the enemy.

Spirit of Rebellion
Greatly increases the affects of arts cards and increases defense.

Liberation of Saint Domingue - Buster
Summons the spirits of the Haitians who charge down the enemy, heavily damaging them and decreasing their attack and decreasing their NP.

This is still a work in progress, as I am still not as a good a writer as I'd like to be, nor have I wrote a servant before. I'd appreciate helpful criticism for this piece so I may improve it in the future as well as use that criticism for my other servants.