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Going down the road again... starting over (Fan Dev Log #00000)

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Okay, for those of you who might care, I had been away from this style of blog posting for almost two years now. Upon looking back, I had discovered that I had gotten... well, distracted would be the appropriate word here. No progress has been made, no nothing like it, and... I'm sick and tired of having little to no progress to show for anything.

In any event, I've considered my options in terms of game dev that I want to pull off, and I came to what I hope is a satisfying idea for everyone in the long haul. I have decided to work on something I had talked with IRUn about a number of years ago and actually get something done with that concept. For those of you who don't recall, or who weren't here for the discussions in question, I'm talking about a game where Tohsaka Rin makes a mess in the Einzbern Manor in Fuyuki City and essentially pulls a Kaleidoscope-powered Metroidvania on the entirety of the third floor of said manor... at least, that's as far as it's been contained, to the present date.

...actually, on second thought, it'd probably be better off as something less complex as a Metroidvania game. My game dev skills are too... rusty, shall we say, to pull that off properly. Plus, I don't think the engine I have in mind for making this is up to such a task, sadly. =_= This is one of those times when I wish I had more skill with an appropriate engine.

Still, I'm working on my ability to make games, which has been severely lacking at this point in time. I can write decently, if those who know me in real life are any indication, but game dev? That's a more difficult thing for my capabilities (so far). Then again... I have to do this. I have to prove to everyone here that I'm serious about this.

Please note, I plan to make this a computer RPG, so there should be some leeway in how I get the game made... I hope. My preferred engine of choice might be enough to get me through this... it might not. It all depends on how well I get the 2D artwork for this project.

More game dev news incoming by the end of the month (hopefully... not sure if I'll be able to inform you guys of my progress in time).