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668 - Neighbor of the Beast

Part 3 of the Co-Worker Files.

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So, a few more developments that we're aware of. Don't worry, this one will be much shorter, mostly because all that's left at this point, as far as we know, is cleaning up after all the shit the old lawyer had left us.

  1. As far as we know, almost everything is paid. The dues to Food Stamps are paid, the Medicaid stuff is paid, the hospital bills (people had taken out bills in her name - she was a victim of identity theft years ago) is paid, the city and court fees are all paid, and we've been told that (unlike what the fucker lawyer told us) we can't "lose" the check if those aren't paid - we simply can't get it until then. Unfortunately, one thing isn't paid, and those are...
  2. The warrants, which are also the one thing that can fuck us out of this check. The old lawyer didn't just fuck us via withdrawing payments on the check, he fucked us by withdrawing payments on the warrants (from when people were harassing them after he'd taken over as the lawyer when the first was arrested for embezzlement) as well. These are $80-100 a pop on average - sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. We've swatted down about 13 in the last 48 hours alone, but that came at a grand cost of over a thousand dollars in and of itself. There can't be that many more left - but since we can't be 100% sure, and as I type this I'm out of funds until that $5k donation clears, my co-worker is sitting on the last $100 I could give her, and her daughter is lying low. If she's found, and we have no money to pay the warrant, she goes to the holding center, the old lawyer can reopen all his shit that he'd closed, and we can kiss the check we're waiting on goodbye, not to mention the potential that she will face 10-20 years in the clink for crimes she didn't even fucking commit.
  3. We are waiting on a court date for the fraud lawsuit against the crooked lawyer to go forward.

That's pretty much the long and short of it. This story is winding down, for better or for worse - in short, if I get more money, or that $5k clears, we will be just fine, as then we can pay off whatever old warrants might remain to be paid off with little trouble, and then claiming the check will be trivial.

Until one or the other of those, though, they're keeping their heads down. And hopefully can remain that way, until that eCheck clears or a bit more comes in. It's agonizing almost... wish I would've replied to that PM sooner; if I had, we'd have had it by now.

In case anyone would like to know the current tally, it's $9455 total that she owes me/all of you. More of BL members' money is tied up in this than my own money at this point, but I'm still the single biggest one at about $3700. And of course, this doesn't count the $5k given, which I'm *REALLY* hoping I don't have to spend much of, but at least if I do... it's there.

That's it for now. If you can still help, by all means... anything I can get will help us that much more, until that money clears.