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Top Secret Files of a Mental Fugitive, Exposed

Transmission #16: De Sade's Disorder and My Preferences (Mild Explicit Content)

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In writing this article, I tried to do some research about Marquis De Sade, that French philosopher-con-revolutionary who wrote works about having extreme freedom and getting off from hurting others, which gave way to a word which immediately makes me think of things a bit weirder than others' line of thought. It's not actually immensely embarrassing or such, it's that the thought of doing such really turns me on.

Yeah, I'm one of those people who have slight sadistic tendencies. It's not a big deal, but for me, it is.

Again, I was supposed to do research about the guy who gave out his name to the sexual fetish, but when I actually landed into the "Sadomasochism" article, I got turned on. No, not "turned on" as in getting a fucking boner and wanting to masturbate about it. In fact, I didn't get a boner. Instead, it just made me think of, you know, wild things and said to myself "I want to do that. Really." And the thought really pleases me.

You know, for example, love-biting someone. That can already be considered as having some elements of sadism. Just imagine, sucking someone in the neck without actually tearing off the skin, with them squealing and sighing out loud as if they are already "feeling it". Then, for days after, they get hickeys, which is very embarrassing for them and they have to cover up with make-up, clothing, home remedies and excuses. The fact that they get these embarrassing marks already constitutes humiliation.

Or, you know, tying a person up. The sight of someone restrained and helpless is already enough to make you think of dirty thoughts, especially if they are wearing something like a schoolgirl or nurse uniform. Ball gags, duct tape, handkerchiefs and shoe laces are some of my preferences. Just some. And oh, I'm a rape fantasy fetishist. But you know, it's all just play. Wax play is fine, so as spanking and whipping, I just don't like large bruises.

And oh, about articles of clothing. I really like laces on thigh-highs and lingerie, sometimes on clothing. Black or white. Especially with garter belt and straps. And short plaid skirts are really fun. Glasses are classic, although it depends on the person wearing them. Corsets and clinchers are fine too, depending on my mood. Any hairstyle is fine, but I have a preference for ponytails, wavy hair, long straight hair and, in the case of anime girls, deep purple hair. I want braids but not braids only. It has to go with another hair style. But as for the case of clothing as in general, my rule is "the more someone teases, the more I get worked up". Ironically, I don't like to see someone completely naked.

As for the things that I hate and don't like, let's start with fishnet stockings that have large meshes. And guns, swords or anything that could actually break the skin. And blood. And urination, guro and night soil. And militaristic clothing for the bottoms. And anal.

As for everything else, it depends.

But yeah, I just pretty much created a tentative list of my preferences in this article. Yeah, it sorta feels a bit embarrassing. But it's worth it. I could have created a longer article if not for the fact that they are all entering in my room and asking me for shit like "Feed the dog" or "I want to watch my Koreanovela, get out of there."

So yeah.


  1. Mike1984's Avatar
    There's nothing wrong with being sadistic, as long as you only act on it in fantasy or with a fully consenting partner. I mean, you must surely have seen some of the stuff I come up with, even involving Sakura, and yet I still defend her vigourously, and want her to get a happy ending. Your sexual fantasies do not make you a bad person, only how you actually treat others can do that.
  2. NZXT's Avatar
    My friend, you have good taste's.