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What Games Have Done (Or why I never post anymore)

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So, you might have noticed I have kind of stopped posting. There is a reason for that.

I am finally out of school, which should mean I write a lot more (Fuck you Knight of Steel, ponies are the shit), however that hasn't really been happening.

You see, I found my old copy of Valhalla Knights 2, and The Third Birthday.

I have played T3B for the past two days nonstop. I haven't even touched Valhalla Knights 2 - when I owned VK1 I played that thing for three months without ever even OPENING my copy of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (Final Mix). Nor did my fingers ever brush my copy of War of the Lions, nor Tactics Ogre.

If you've played FFT, you know that kind of crazy customization it lets you do? Where pretty much anything goes, and you have a bunch of units to control?

Valhalla Knights is like that, except with Action combat, a six member party, and dungeon crawling. It's like Diablo's dungeons with FFT's customization and a dash of shitty story. You don't play VK for the story - you play it because six on six combat that usually lasts less than a minute is really freaking fun.

Now excuse me, I have to play Third Birthday. For the fourth time.


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    You read Stilts Out Loud don't you?
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