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  1. Let's see if this works . . .

    by , November 28th, 2020 at 09:54 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    It's been a long time since I did one of these . . . Mostly because the site kept logging me out when I tried to even view my blog, but since it seems to be in a reasonable mood, for a change, why not? It's nice to have something go right today . . .

    My laptop died today.

    I knew it was getting old, but it died so suddenly and completely that I didn't even have a chance to start making backups - not with the current conditions and my schedule, at least. So now, it's ...
  2. My Servants so far

    Here my Servants so far so i have them in one place. Yes I do like Foreigner, I make a story around that and more will come. After that other stuff is in planning.

    The Dreaming King, The King of Dreams:
    Foreigner Sigmund Freud

    His Nightmare became true after his Death:
    Foreigner Edvard Munch/Dorian Gray

    They should not have listened:
    Foreign Archer - Florence Foster Jenkins

    The Light in the Dark:
    Foreigner ...

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  3. Moonlight World Materials: Foundations

    So this is just an idea that I try out, as the title suggests this is a bit of expanded lore of my interpretation (as a result take everything as AU) of the Nasu world and trying to flesh it out. In this case I wanted to work with Foundations, now this is an idea I wanted to do as for what I personally know of foundations (that they vary in strength around the globe, that they are needed to cast certain spells unless one has a magical crest with that spell in it, and that Touch likened Flat casting ...
  4. 1st Grail War (AU) : The War for heaven's light


    So given there is no Grail War thread I decided I may as well put this here, as noted by the AU this is alternate universe (although I more conceive it as a parallel world which exists as a possible scenario around if the grail found was a different one. It forms my own interpretation of the 1st Grail War, an event which despite it's significance we know very little about. A number of things are changed here from the grail being the holy grail of king Arthur's myth, the exact ...

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  5. How did all you shitters end up here anyway? And how far have you gone?

    I read the sypnosis of a crappy pirated Tsukihime anime box set and thought it sounded interesting. Then I went home and pirated it myself. The anime left me with immense dissatisfaction so I ended up looking if it was an adaptation - as I did with every anime I was dissatisfied with. And the rest is history.

    Now I blog at random intervals about literal shit. Been a journey.
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