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  1. An End

    Dear All,

    Five_X has decided to end his relationship with me. After four years (our opinion differs on our experiences of it) he's decided to end it all, without speaking to me once about it.

    To be honest, this relationship has never been as fulfilling as it could be. We had aspirations, but turns out only I ever took them seriously.

    He met Glow on here in January. Instead of talking about any problems in our relationship with me - his then fiancee - he disclosed ...

    Updated October 4th, 2016 at 07:16 PM by EXiku

  2. Why this London Expo will be awesome an effort to be more active on the boards, I've been batting at the idea of joining the blogging community. Only thing...I don't really have much to write about and I wasn't sure what to even start with.

    Until now...(I guess)

    Well, for starters, I recently joined the writing team for a certain website covering anime, manga, comics, games, tv, movies etc. and in this capacity, I'll be at the Expo this weekend covering what I can.

    I've actually been quite ...

    Updated October 24th, 2012 at 10:40 AM by EXiku (This is why you don't write posts on your phone...)

    London Expo