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  1. Its been 5 years.

    Hello, it's me. Your best friend.


    Hopefully we can enjoy a fruitful relationship from today onwards.
  2. Recently

    There have been happening things this summer.

    If you frequent this section you've probably stumbled upon Spinach's recounting of the AX2016 happenings, of which I happened to be apart of.

    But I won't delve into much detail. Go read his blog posts if you wish to get some of that.

    Rather I'll write a bit about my own thoughts.

    These days I think of myself as rather distanced from our quaint community, yet obstinately tied nonetheless. It is a genuinely ...
  3. Celebrating Spinach's 10000th post

    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Country Preacher View Post
    Prove that you're not racist.
    Would a racist have a black best friend?

    Context: After getting into an argument about his own alleged racism, Spinach is asked to provide proof that he is not a racist and pulls out the classic "one of my best friends is black" arguments, with a picture appended.

    Tyrone is made of plastic.
  4. Life Philosophy

    <@I3uster> im listening to nyanners kyun vampire girl cover
    <@I3uster> jesus she actually has a deep voice
    <@I3uster> this is disturbing
    <Leo> she
    <@I3uster> all my hopes and optimism gone
    <!Katie> i've had sayonara rolling star on loop for a while now
    <!Katie> oh boy
    <@Spinach> the question is which voice comes naturally for her
    <@I3uster> gonna wash out weeb music with something else before i ...
    Tags: notgay
  5. Some Austrian dude was in Stockholm

    It just so happens that I live in Stockholm, and yesterday (Saturday in Europe) there was some guy called "I3uster" in my city.

    It just so happened then that I met him around 2 PM and then just by pure chance we hung out for a few hours. I accidentally showed him around a few parts of the city that I find interesting and that you might not see in any ordinary tourist guidebooks or whatever.

    An unintended consequence was that a picture just appeared on my phone. ...

    Updated November 13th, 2014 at 02:12 PM by Petrikow

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