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  1. Celebrating Spinach's 10000th post

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    Prove that you're not racist.
    Would a racist have a black best friend?

    Context: After getting into an argument about his own alleged racism, Spinach is asked to provide proof that he is not a racist and pulls out the classic "one of my best friends is black" arguments, with a picture appended.

    Tyrone is made of plastic.
  2. Life Philosophy

    <@I3uster> im listening to nyanners kyun vampire girl cover
    <@I3uster> jesus she actually has a deep voice
    <@I3uster> this is disturbing
    <Leo> she
    <@I3uster> all my hopes and optimism gone
    <!Katie> i've had sayonara rolling star on loop for a while now
    <!Katie> oh boy
    <@Spinach> the question is which voice comes naturally for her
    <@I3uster> gonna wash out weeb music with something else before i ...
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  3. Some Austrian dude was in Stockholm

    It just so happens that I live in Stockholm, and yesterday (Saturday in Europe) there was some guy called "I3uster" in my city.

    It just so happened then that I met him around 2 PM and then just by pure chance we hung out for a few hours. I accidentally showed him around a few parts of the city that I find interesting and that you might not see in any ordinary tourist guidebooks or whatever.

    An unintended consequence was that a picture just appeared on my phone. ...

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  4. Have you ever been so Swedish that you played music with scissors?

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