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  2. SeiKeo's Avatar
    What a newfriend
  3. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Pachi pachi
  4. Paitouch's Avatar
    He is the storm that is approaching.
  5. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    He returns at last...
  6. Nikiri's Avatar
    hello there
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  11. Bloble's Avatar
    You're a cool guy man ;_;
  12. Ragnar's Avatar
    I had fun hanging out dude, I hope you still come around once in a while!
  13. Gaia's Avatar
    Sad. ;_;

    If you ever sail to Åbo, let me know!
  14. Sunny's Avatar
    Despite what you say, I never got an unpleasant impression the times I did cross paths with you here. You were one of the more memorable faces, even if unfortunately the nature of that memory isn't the one you meant to leave. It'll still be missed and I hope you do break down that wall. ;.;

    I have my regrets for hiding out at the Expo, but this is one more for the list. So long and the very very very best of luck!
  15. Zurvan's Avatar
    Well, for what it's worth you seem like a likable guy in irc
    Sorry to hear that things don't seem to be going the way you'd want them to go, I hope things will get better.
    Anyhow, thanks for the explanation, and even if there are members you don't like, you should know that there are those here you can call friends.

    (But you probably know that already)
  16. Petrikow's Avatar
    It's a deficient feature with little worth.
  17. Snow's Avatar
    Why don't you just put people you find unpleasant on ignore?
  18. Nacho the Doritosedge's Avatar
    I had a really good time hanging with you, playing BB and uniel and watching anime with you, and I really had a great time. Thank you man, just for being there and being fun.
  19. Petrikow's Avatar
    y-y-you tooooo
  20. Five_X's Avatar
    I want to have wallenbergare with you again someday!
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