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  1. The Wyvern's Managerie

  2. World Grail Ritual - Variant Class System

    A contraction developed by Golden City Milleniumstadt as the absolute Wish Granting Device on their search for a world where magecraft stands as the absolute ruling force of the world. Created using the stolen Fuyuki Grail as basis, the World Grail uses multiple Lesser Grails, positioned over specific leylines to create a channel leading back to the Greater Grail, which uses the gathered power to make the summoning of Heroic Spirits possible.

    However, in order to prevent outside
  3. Variant Class - Lover

    Heroic Spirit of Romance and Affairs.

    Defined by the relationships of love and romance which they have built in their lives, these servants derive strength from the aspects of their legends connected to individuals they held strong feelings of love for or those who held strong feelings for them. On the other hand, Lover class servants are also those who were the target of unrequited love, admired and wanted by the masses.

    Loved by others they did not love in turn. ...

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