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On everything, of everything, from nothing.

  1. Of art and sensationalism: Which one is more important? – Reflections from the World Press Photo Exhibition 2013, Brisbane Powerhouse

    Once upon a time, the word ‘artist’ did not carry much weight in this world. Artists across many platforms – actors, playwrights, painters or musicians – were not much respected, especially by those who held power. The products of artistic talents were regarded as entertainment, pleasures that the wealthy enjoyed to pass the time and to show their class and taste. It would have stayed that way had the world not changed, for the artists have no power but the influence of their works. And unless the ...
  2. On working+studying

    I still recall the days of high school, when assignments seemed never ending, when it always appeared so hard to get up to go to school - even though I lived literally 100 metres away and could afford to get up at 8.30am and run.

    Then, I recall the days of university, when assignments truly never ended, when I had to rise even before the first rays of the sun because I had no choice - because I wanted to get to my 7.45am lectures despite my exhausted body's protests.

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  3. On blogs

    With this new trend of blogs on BL, I suppose it's time for me to start my detached musings as well.

    Funny. Before we were given blogs, not many of us would have demanded them. Now that we have blogs, the temptation to use them becomes overwhelming.

    ... Freebies. One of the few good things about life.

    Many blogs have purposes, yet many do not. In a way, a blog is just a diary, a place to let yourself go. A haven of your own to create and destroy as you ...

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