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Cursed by Fortuna

  1. Saber Ōtakemaru Additional Information

    Combat ability

    Saber can easily be claimed to be a mighty servant and a warrior whose sheer strength would rival great legend from the age of the gods and as one of the 3 great monsters of Japan he can be easily said to be one of the strongest heroic spirits in all of Japanese history with few who would challenge that statement. Summoned in the strongest of the 7 regular classes Saber can be claimed to be nothing short of a force of nature, a walking natural disaster who would reduce lesser warriors to
  2. Beast V Kamuy-huci Additional Information

    Orignal Notes

    So I was originally going to do a sheet on Yasuke and then I saw that it was done already so I shelved it even though it was partly finished, then I was going to do another sheet and I came across Kamuy-huci. I have no idea if it may have been the idea of suggesting the smoking mirror portal connection or if Iím just kinda weird, but I thought of Yukari for some reason and then I thought some more on it and decided to give it a go. I overall actually feel a little good on the sheet as it
  3. Archer Meleager Additional Information

    Equipment Image Source Image Author

    Meleagerís Winged Bow

    **I am not covering everything summonable by The Calydonian Boar Hunt as there is way too much to list and that stuff isnít really either Archers or manifested as a true noble phantasm or mystic code (just stuff that looks
  4. Saber Lityerses Additional Information

    Dev Notes

    The design of Saber was partially taken from Percy Jackson where that was the reason I gave him swordsmanship. However, in lore, I think it makes a bit of sense IRL ancient Greece wasnít always great and a fair few people
  5. Saber Tachibana Ginchiyo / Tachibana Muneshige Additional Information

    Nature and Lineage

    The exact origin of the power held by Saber and by proxy the Tachibana is of debate, but it may have something to do with their ancestry. When Jimmu, whose bloodline descended from the mighty Goddess Amaterasu, seized power and created Japan, he placed in charge two priest clans who would assist in matters of administration and running the country, the Nakatomi and the Inabe. The Nakatomi themselves would also oversee the Ōharai purification rite. In this respect, this act is

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