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Cursed by Fortuna

  1. Rider Nebuchadnezzar II Additional Information

    Noble Phantasms in other normal classes

    Path of Babylon, the golden road leading towards the kingdom - B
    A noble phantasm which manifests when Rider would be summoned in his lily form under the saber class. In exchange for The Treasury of Babylon NP being lost alongside the road of Babylon (and him lacking the Hanging gardens which he constructed much later in his life) this ability would manifest as “proof of Saber being Nebuchadnezzar II, who opened the Gate of Babylon and would seek to regather all the world’s treasures.

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  2. Caster Lorelei Additional Information

    Development Information

    So I had to do a lot of reworks with the sheet, first due to the whole confusion of what to even call Lorelei (Is she a siren, a mermaid, a nixie, and undine, a water nymph, a water spirit, etc. [to which I decided to call her a siren, but technically she could be considered a unique subspecies which has both wings and a mermaid tail]) and how to construct her lore as such. I went with the approach of making it so that her story was based on something far earlier (not unheard of as there
  3. Foreigner The Thing/The Organization Additional Information


    An unusual case in that Foreigner isn’t truly a heroic spirit, but rather “a foreign entity” which has latched onto and fused with a phantom. According to Holmes, the phantom itself shows a high amount of signs of having been tampered with to “fuse” it with other objects of modern fantasy and pop culture. This greatly suggests they might have been a sort of “last resort” by Moriarty or Bael to destroy the world and Chaldeas even should everything else they planned fail.

  4. Vivaldi Family Additional Lore

    Family Background

    A user of sound magecraft, she is descended from the Vivaldi family, although they once bore a different name to that one. Their origins go back to the 1450s and boast a pedigree of 7 generations in length. They renamed themselves after Antonio Vivaldi, the most successful member of their family, as to boast better recognition and fame for their bloodline. The family has an affinity for wind magecraft and sought out the root through the property of resonance and refinement of the factors
  5. Zelenia and Mochizuki Additional Information

    The Zelenia Family:


    The Zelenia is an ancient family, dating back as far as the 8th century BC when they began to collect knowledge and act as an official group. In those days they acted in service of the Goddess Artemis, worshiping and revering her alongside Hecate and Selene. This led them being a group which due to their faith and ties to the gods earned them a special kind of blessing, taking the form of a unique magecraft and enhanced physical abilities for their

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