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    Can you add archer David-hayk to your grand list.
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    You said you got no reviews on some of your sheets?
    I will rectify this

    Mitsuyoshi: First of I like the definition you laid out for the Grand Saber Class. They all make sense, tho I kinda wish there was a representation of the Americas. But having read through much of the South American Mythology, even I never really found a non deity figure with a significant sword, only a Grand Lancer Candidate. I never heard of that guy tho, but the story makes sense. For a Grand candidate he is not really flashy, but that actually makes him terrifying. the first NP is just the perfect ability for him and his 2nd is probably instantly activated when he is summoned as a Grand, because there is no real time to hold back in those situations. It is simplistic yes, but not in "boring" kind of ways, but "of course, thats the point" kind of ways, which is something you conveyed pretty well and I like for his character.