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Cursed by Fortuna

  1. List of Servant Ideas

    An extensive list of servant ideas including some servants that are well known and some less so. Free to use for anyone if they want (parenthesis indicate details which can give you a good start on researching them or in the creation of skills or noble phantasms, they also may include details as to differentiate them from people with similar names than the myths or figures in question).

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  2. Servant Creation Template

    So I figured I would just throw this here as either a reference or an aid in the servant creation process. This is totally available and free for anyone to use if they wish and is the template I use in writing my servant sheets. Simply add or remove bits and pieces as needed, input parameters, faceclaim, links, and skill and NP descriptions and such.

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  3. Moonlight World Materials: Foundations

    So this is just an idea that I try out, as the title suggests this is a bit of expanded lore of my interpretation (as a result take everything as AU) of the Nasu world and trying to flesh it out. In this case I wanted to work with Foundations, now this is an idea I wanted to do as for what I personally know of foundations (that they vary in strength around the globe, that they are needed to cast certain spells unless one has a magical crest with that spell in it, and that Touko likened Flat casting ...

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    Moonlight World materials
  4. 1st Grail War (AU) : The War for heaven's light


    So given there is no Grail War thread I decided I may as well put this here, as noted by the AU this is alternate universe (although I more conceive it as a parallel world which exists as a possible scenario around if the grail found was a different one. It forms my own interpretation of the 1st Grail War, an event which despite it's significance we know very little about. A number of things are changed here from the grail being the holy grail of king Arthur's myth, the exact ...

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  5. Servant Profile 2.0

    Knight Classes -

    Caílte Mac Rónáin
    Tachibana Ginichiyo

    Other qualifying heroes:
    Gaius Julius Caesar

    Minamoto Yorimasa / Minamoto Yorimasu

    Other qualifying heroes:

    Katō Kiyomasa

    Other qualifying heroes:


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