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  1. My Laptop Broke

    Well the title pretty much says it.

    The screen started having a strange glitch effect (like the lame video filters) and now won't turn on. The only cause I can think of is the memory card, because when I pressed on the panel on the bottom the flickering changed intensity, but the screen remained frozen. I'm not much of an expert on the hardware side of things.

    Sucks because my gifts were mostly for pc. And I still haven't finished Fate.
  2. Self-Teaching Japanese

    The Japanese-only release of Remake has got me thinking about learning Japanese again. I have already built up a range of online and offline resources to to help me with this.

    I have a few minor advantages going into this:
    - I have already taught myself hiragana to the extent that I can read anything written in it at a moderate pace, and have made good progress with katakana.
    - I am already familiar with some linguistic terminology and the IPA because of my conlanging hobby. ...
  3. I have posted a memorial index of fansubbing groups.

    It's here.
  4. Liberty Mutual must die!

    YT won't stop playing their awful ads. It's ruining the whole experience at this point. And the worst part is: I don't own a car, nor have I searched anything related to insurance ever.
  5. Order of Seraphim the First now has a group… yay?

    After I browsed through by own glorious profile (humble I know), I noticed a distinctive lack of… everything in that little side bar. So I started joining groups. Unfortunately, poor Manaka has a dead club and no group.

    (See how sad she is?)

    So I made my own: The Holy Order of Seraphim the First! It's a public group, so you can all join the Order on your own, but some of you from the original thread may find ...

    Updated December 6th, 2020 at 12:03 AM by Cypher Attic (Oops, I said club by mistake. Also formatting errors.)

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