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    A lot of people really liked how the story started out, but the last third kinda just kept going downhill, the last straw for many was the whole spacebattle thing that they just kinda shoved in the last few eps. If you're interested, Mother's basement has a decent video looking at what went wrong.
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    Because the ending was incredibly rushed and nonsensical.
    It was well received in the first half, even longer. It was less hate and more disappointment. What couldve been a great show devolved into something strange, unrecognizable at the end. iirc there was some dissent within the production team that couldve been the reason for the shift.
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    Maybe I'm a bit late for this but I'm pretty sure the early editions of KnK have her jacket black, I once compared a few parts of the edition included in the cd of Tsukihime Plus Disk with the 2007 edition and the latter changed the description of the characters to match the artwork. I believe the 2004 edition didn't change the text at all and Coke used that edition.
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    It's a coke-ism I'm afraid. The line you're referring to - I believe, since it's the only one I can find in Coke where he describes Shiki's jacket as black - is in Overlooking View. Coke writes:
    Quote Originally Posted by Overlooking View
    I took a black leather jacket with me when I left the house, and now I wear it atop my light blue kimono.
    The original line is:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuukan Fuukei, 1/Ryougi Shiki
    Emphasis added. The jacket is clearly described as 'red' by Nasu. Coke just fucked it up.

    I don't know about Boogiepop. That seems more likely to be a different issue, where the colour is actually black but the artist depicts it as a dark shade of colour for stylistic regions. See, notoriously, Ciel's hair in Tsukihime.
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    Whoa, what was that weird security check screen I got when posting?
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    It's a legendary game.

    In so many aspects.
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    By the way, can the community edition be played without handing out my IP address. Playing against real players is more fun and I occasionally learn tricks from having by butt handed to me, but I generally think its a bad idea to give out your IP to random people.
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    Doing anki for kanji and vocab, and after a while immersing yourself in simpler media, while also reading grammar on the side is probably the most efficient way I can think of, honestly. Anki is boring, yes, but it's the most efficient way to get that foundation down. Once you start learning more grammar and reading stuff, the main point of grammar studying shouldn't be like what you did back in school or anything, it should preferably expose you to the grammar rules so that your mind has something to work with when reading, and you can then later go back and polish grammar as well.

    I'd say this is most efficient mostly because 1) immersion learning is way better for retention and learning than just hammering words into your head. You'll have a way easier time picking up, remembering, and recalling words when you see them in context, and you'll quickly find how words are used etc., and 2) it's just so much more fun. Studying Anki with a textbook on the side is BORING as all hell. Even if you have to start off by reading some children's book or something, there's still a huge dopamine rush from being able to read even a passage and understanding kinda what they're talking about, and then eventually you'll be able to move on to stuff that's actually fun to read as well.

    But, most importantly, all that has to come after an actual foundation has been laid, and the best way to do that is just to study with anki for some time initially.
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    Anki gets the most results by far. It's a bitch to keep it as a habit, but it's the most surefire way to build vocabulary. Bruteforcing will be *WAY* less eficient, and you probably won't remember like 90% of what you read, it works well when you actually use it to remember the words that were in anki, and it will be *SLOW*.
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    Anki might be boring but it gets results.

    Thinking you'll learn 'like a baby would' is misguided. You are no longer a baby sir. You'll have to learn as an adult does, the hard way.

    The majority of the Japanese lexicon are Chinese loanwords, which often come in the shape of 2-kanji compounds. Thinking of them as compounds can be tricky at times however. Some kanji have no purpose outside a compound, others do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Comun
    Necro is encouraged, even.
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    Necro is encouraged, even.
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    Also, one of the mods directed me to a pretty old thread on learning Japanese. Do people here care about necroing threads?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran
    I can't say I disagree with that, and Manaka herself opens up some interesting possibilities, storywise - though I admit, I'm only passingly familiar with Prototype. Still, perhaps I should look into joining . . .?
    Go ahead, its open! (Super late response, I am painfully aware. Sorry about that.)
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    I can't say I disagree with that, and Manaka herself opens up some interesting possibilities, storywise - though I admit, I'm only passingly familiar with Prototype. Still, perhaps I should look into joining . . .?
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    godspeed ryuusoul, takajun and all the rest

    may life treat you well


    i can only assume Message is now developing installers for some major software company
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    Mirror Moon's contribution could not be understated. Type Moon's popularity in the English-speaking world was greatly bolstered by Mirror Moon's translation.
    "Baby's First Type Moon" was Mirror Moon's Fate translation a lot of the time.
    They should retire with pride knowing that they laid the foundation of the fandom.
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    More than a decade ago, in its first incarnation, Beast's Lair was a forum of a fansite called The Moonlit World.
    "Ahnenerbe" was a little relic from that time. It refers to the coffee shop hangout in Nasuverse.
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    Another god has fallen
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    Quote Originally Posted by aldeayeah
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