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The Attic

Welcome to the Attic of Shame!

BGM : Cafe de Touhou 4

  1. 俺さま、LAND MINE.

    When you feel safe, BOOM!
    And as the dust fades, you think:
    “Welp, that's the last one.”
  2. Fate Translation Mangled by Google

    Yesteday I was playing with google translate, and created this monstrocity:
    Aruru Aparan Dragon (Altria Peroon Dragon, Altria Peroon Dragon) (here Altria Pendragon) (here Altria Pendragon). something. I like breast milk. Moon. Saber is a warrior who fights between a boss and a genius who fought to make their dreams come true using mythical shoes. The relationship between Storyly's Saber and other Kyle Lactors demands the player's decision. The main character of the man who played the main

    Updated December 5th, 2020 at 09:55 PM by Cypher Attic