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    I can't say I disagree with that, and Manaka herself opens up some interesting possibilities, storywise - though I admit, I'm only passingly familiar with Prototype. Still, perhaps I should look into joining . . .?
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    godspeed ryuusoul, takajun and all the rest

    may life treat you well


    i can only assume Message is now developing installers for some major software company
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    Mirror Moon's contribution could not be understated. Type Moon's popularity in the English-speaking world was greatly bolstered by Mirror Moon's translation.
    "Baby's First Type Moon" was Mirror Moon's Fate translation a lot of the time.
    They should retire with pride knowing that they laid the foundation of the fandom.
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    More than a decade ago, in its first incarnation, Beast's Lair was a forum of a fansite called The Moonlit World.
    "Ahnenerbe" was a little relic from that time. It refers to the coffee shop hangout in Nasuverse.
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    Another god has fallen
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    Quote Originally Posted by aldeayeah
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    I saved this post as a draft and got super confused. Figured it out though
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