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  1. RE: Fate/Grand Order - Story Features

    • The Hidden Name System: Hidden Names are back! Originally introduced in Epic of Remnant, they stopped showing up when Cosmos in the Lostbelt dropped. These Hidden Names are exactly as they sound: a Servant’s true identity is obscured with a title like Archer of Shinjuku or Avenger of Bermuda. Some official Servants like Francis Drake will receive Hidden Names like Rogue Rider, as well as fan made Servants who will receive Hidden Names like Archer of the Underworld. Granted, their True Names are
  2. RE: Fate/Grand Order - Singularities

    Below are the Singularities involve in RE: Fate/Grand Order, a revision of the first half of Fate/Grand Order.

    1. 1718 A.D. - The Devil’s Triangle of Phantasmal Riches – Bermuda - "The King of Pirates"
    2. 1784 A.D. - Jingoist Reign of the Star-Spangled Tyranny – E Pluribus Unum - "The God-King of America"
    3. 1889 A.D. - City of Murder Beneath the Demonic Fog – London - "Ripper of the Misty Night"
    4. 1435 A.D. ...

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