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  1. Tsukihime Playthrough, Part 2

    Far Side.

    Hisui route True End





    I have no words, I'm sorry.

    Updated December 20th, 2012 at 12:18 AM by Aiden

  2. Tsukihime Playthrough

    Arcueid True.

    Even knowing it was coming...

    Gaaah, I think that was more heart-wrenching than Continuation of a Dream was for me back when I played Fate/Stay Night.

    And that was tear-inducing.

    ... and goddammit, I have the Far Side routes to do still.
  3. Brought this on myself

    Going to be so busy this week with stuff I put off doing because I'm lazy and easily distracted.

    Final week of the semester before finals, everything is due by the middle or end. And my schedule already hates me to begin with.

    Eh, fuck it. Let's do this shit.
  4. Where I Promote Awareness

    I'm sure most of what I'm going to try to bring up in this post is redundant, but I just found something interesting this morning:

    With a more specific link to the actual pdf file linked:

    The problem facing LGBT Americans is truly much larger than it might seem at first glance.
    Tags: Activism, LBGT
  5. Hate All the Things

    Well, okay, not all of them. But a few things come to mind with such irritation that I really feel the need to just briefly rant about them.

    1) Figuring out proper endings for story segments. Ways to make it not just drift off and kinda fizzle out by the end. Normally not an issue, but it's been giving me problems lately for pure character interaction pieces. It falls in the issue that, really, most conversations between actual people are inane and not interesting to look in on even ...
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