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  1. Well that's one excuse gone

    Graduating from university tomorrow! Fun times.

    And then begins the process of planning for and applying to graduate schools. Because I'm such a glutton for punishment education.
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  2. Kagetsu Tohya, the beginning

    I have begun Kagetsu Tohya, with the music working!

    Accomplishment enough in its own right.

    Now let's see..

    Arcueid still being best heroine I see.

    Arihiko... wow as if I didn't ship you with Shiki already. Also, holy shit your sister is hot, dude.


    Okay, I'm done for now. More later maybe.
  3. Tsukihime Playthrough- Completion

    Since this is one of my two weeks off I get during the semester, I finally got around to finishing up with Tsukihime.

    Finished Akiha's route, finally. I found it somewhat underwhelming, but I admit that's partly due to the issue I had on my last blog post. I really have nothing much to say about it.

    Then I got to Kohaku's route, and my brain went 'wait what the fuck is going on' for about the second third or so.

    And... this happy ending? This amazingly happy ...
  4. Tsukihime Playthrough, Part 3.3

    I'm in the early parts of Akiha's route right now, after the Ciel-sensei Christmas Special kept me from playing on the 25th. That was hilarious, by the way.

    But I just saw how the thing with Sacchin goes down in this route. It's... different than how it went down in Hisui's route.

    Hisui's route was easier to accept.

    But how Shiki dealt with her here...

    What the hell, hero?
  5. Tsukihime Playthrough, Part 3

    Well, I just finished Ciel's route.

    A lot of it was repeat and I skipped those parts, but Ciel was adorable and Arcueid was hilariously possessive throughout. It was like reading about a love triangle.

    Of course, I got the True End.

    I'm... I'm not sure if that's a happy ending or not. It was a touch unclear.

    Still enjoyed myself though!
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