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  1. Kagetsu Tohya, the beginning

    I have begun Kagetsu Tohya, with the music working!

    Accomplishment enough in its own right.

    Now let's see..

    Arcueid still being best heroine I see.

    Arihiko... wow as if I didn't ship you with Shiki already. Also, holy shit your sister is hot, dude.


    Okay, I'm done for now. More later maybe.
  2. Tsukihime Playthrough, Part 3

    Well, I just finished Ciel's route.

    A lot of it was repeat and I skipped those parts, but Ciel was adorable and Arcueid was hilariously possessive throughout. It was like reading about a love triangle.

    Of course, I got the True End.

    I'm... I'm not sure if that's a happy ending or not. It was a touch unclear.

    Still enjoyed myself though!
  3. Tsukihime Playthrough

    Arcueid True.

    Even knowing it was coming...

    Gaaah, I think that was more heart-wrenching than Continuation of a Dream was for me back when I played Fate/Stay Night.

    And that was tear-inducing.

    ... and goddammit, I have the Far Side routes to do still.