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    It's a
    Updated April 15th, 2022 at 04:33 PM by Cypher Attic (Yes, I changed the joke.)
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    My worst sin is being too clever by two wholes, and fuck me, it shows.
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    oof coding on smartphone is not something i wanna do.
    I had that with the smiles for a while on desktop because i did not notice i zoomed in.

    Else i would suggest to just type in all your ideas without much formatting. Getting the general gist of things is more important for help than appearance
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    still in the waiting room
    As ever. But that's due to the circumstances of the medium -- I'm typing all this on my cellphone, and it's already extra-hard for me to reckon with codes, what with the smilies to your right crowding half the screen, making it impossible for me to appraise the results of my work.
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    still in the waiting room