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  1. On the Final Day of the Fall Semester, Someone Gave to Me a Bomb Threat across from Campus

    So apparently there was a mysterious package dropped off at the post office across from campus. A package which had all the signs of a bomb threat, and the police, thankfully, acted on that information ASAP.
    I was one of several students and faculty at the student center who had to head to the campus arena due to a very, very confused lockdown. It wasn't fun.
    My imagination is rather vivid and that didn't help me calm down.
    I'm back home safe and sound, now, though.
  2. 500 Drunk Elephants the title 3 Maccabees should have.
  3. Lyco Art - Mawile Vase, Ceramics - Spring 2014

    My pride and joy of this semester!
  4. One Score and Two Years Ago

    Lyco was born.
    These days Lyco is dealing with finishing credits for his sophomore year of college and shoe gremlins.
    Accursed shoe gremlins, leave my shoes alone.

    Mr. Crocker Lyco: FAIRIES SHOE GREMLINS!
  5. Thrown Cream Cheese Bowl

    So I'm taking Ceramics this semester of college - I've thrown 3 small pots on the wheel as of right now- and our teacher directed us to watch this video. It's pretty hilariously awesome.

    Updated September 10th, 2013 at 09:23 AM by Lycodrake

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