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  1. Looking for KnK AMV/MAD

    Can't seem to find the one I'm looking for, though I've searched here and youtube. XP
    It's the Paradox Spiral one that has the "combo counter" for Shiki's kills.
    Anyone remember it?
  2. Yellow Dancing Mad Circus

    I can't help but think this music could/would suit Kefka quite well.
    Maybe. XP
  3. Was I Chu-2 Enough?

    Since it seems like this topic being brought up and I've gotten past this preteen mental disease, here you are. XP

    4th Grade.
    Called myself Acrophobe and thought I could control the wind or manipulate vertigo as long as my feet were touching solid ground.
    Had an acquaintance who though he could go Gambit and use kinetic energy to be super-fast and blow up things and another one that thought she could teleport like Nightcrawler.

    I blame X-Men Evolution. ...
  4. What the world needs more of...

    More battle themes like this. I am convinced.
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