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  1. Salivary Gland Cyst - Could be vascular

    Right below my tongue on the right, I've had a spot slowly swell over the last 2~ weeks. Got into the doctor today to have it checked out, after my father and I agreeing on the hypothesis of a cyst, to find out that it could be vascular.

    I'm scared, admittedly.
    Just got back from seeing a specialist in Knoxville. The spot under my tongue is specifically referred to as a "Ranula" (ran-yoo-lah") and it is a benign cyst that is not an immediate concern. ...

    Updated April 27th, 2016 at 08:29 PM by Lycodrake

  2. Nihongo Adventures Continue

    Learning katakana slowly but surely. Able to at least introduce myself as an international/college student. Had temaki sushi this past weekend at a party. Nothing really spectacular as far as moonrunes and moonspeech go.
  3. One Score and Two Years Ago

    Lyco was born.
    These days Lyco is dealing with finishing credits for his sophomore year of college and shoe gremlins.
    Accursed shoe gremlins, leave my shoes alone.

    Mr. Crocker Lyco: FAIRIES SHOE GREMLINS!
  4. Pandora's Tower: Take 1

    So I pre-ordered it a few weeks ago and finally got Pandora's Tower today.

    Jumped right in and I'm already adoring the graphics, gameplay, and puzzles. Combat is a little bit boring, but I chalk that up to my never playing Castlevania, so being a noob at chain-whip using.

    So far the only trouble I'm having is getting money and keeping a stock of recovery items.
    ...the second of which is because of my near-failure against the 2nd Tower's Boss.
    That shit sucked ...
  5. Lyco's Blaze Black Nuzlocke, Parts 32-37 Up! Main Game Completed.

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