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  1. So I finally finished HF

    I explained in my last entry that I didn't read HF properly the first time I attempted to read it, and rushed the shit out of it to make it in time to watch Presage Flower.

    My other experience with a lot of the plot relating to Sakura is actually playing through CCC, yes without a patch, by following along that old blog that translated everything up until Gil's ending (so I haven't read the true ending. And mainly kept away from spoilers on purpose.)

    I mention this ...
  2. I've been reading Heaven's Feel

    The last time I tried reading it was 2017, the same year Presage Flower was released. I'm not gonna lie I binged and rushed pretty hard in order to watch the movie with the route over, and like I've known about myself for ages my memory is in its own tier of shit. It's been five years now and most of my memories of the events are from the movies because well, they're a visual medium and easier to have rewatched over the years.

    I had the urge to read the visual novel again ...
  3. Forum Angst

    Though I made an account and stopped being a lurker I quite quickly created a bigger word count in my two blog entries than all of my posts combined. I see some people have actually bothered reading one or the other, or even both entries. Despite it being quite easily disguised as blog entries functioning as intended (you know, how the main difference between a thread and a blog entry is that the former is intended for community interaction and the latter is not as much) I was actually secretly ...
  4. Shirou Venting

    I don't think there's anywhere else to post something like this, not unless I dig up my dead youtube channel from its grave. As with most visual novel protagonists that change a lot between routes, I don't think it's anything new to say some people prefer a route's version over the other. But recently I came across a person's interpretation of the visual novel as an overarching character arc for Shirou.

    Here's their exact wording.

    [Wasn't the whole thing like..
  5. My ultimate FSN timeline

    In my spare time I've just been itching to fuck around with an idea like this idk why.

    I don't think it'll interest someone else but I thought might as well document it here if I do want to do it for fun. The easiest way to start for me is to reverse engineer it since the first thing I thought of was the ending.

    Essentially, since I like different plotlines in different routes and think they'd work better to enhance each other than the sum of their parts here's a timeline ...