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A list of servants old and new. The most up-to-date version will be here. I will start also posting previews of servants in the works here just because I often have too much free time.

  1. Current Work In Progress!

    This servant is being posted to the contest. Next up... is going to be Ravana.

    "So the drums of war beat once more... Ravana, King of Demons, will be employing your services"

    Sources: Mechachap, Ghibli.Fandom.Com. Nine, Cinni, Zunia Kinato72, Von,
    Class: Rider
    True Name: Ravana
    Origin: Hindu Mythology, Ramayana
    Alignment: ...

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  2. Servant Sheets

    These are my current servant sheets. I will link to each of the most up-to-date versions of a particular sheet. If I have it unlinked, it's basically due to a more up-to-date version is instead. For now, here they are:

    Jack O' Lantern, Assassin.

    The Morrigan, Caster, Assassin, and/or Rider.

    Enoch, Caster.

    Taliesin, Caster.

    Jean-Baptiste Alliette, Caster.

    'Metatron', Caster.

    John Paul Jones, Rider (Assassin). ...

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