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A list of servants old and new. The most up-to-date version will be here. I will start also posting previews of servants in the works here just because I often have too much free time.

  1. Santaman (Christmas Servant)

    Actually, gonna work on Sandman (Santa). I have time to develop santa sandman and it gives me a lot of time to read about Elijah.

    "Ho... ho... ho... if it's christmas time... then it's time for... me to be here... servant Santaman at your service"

    Sources: caveman, Empew, Mikonow, Abigail Lyn Arts,
    Class: Caster
    True Name: ...
  2. List of Servants to Make

    This is a list of servants I plan to make. I also am going to list the one currently being produced. Mainly because I've got a growing list. Enjoy.

    Bran the Blessed<-- Currently in progress.
    Maurice Doreal

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  3. Long-Term Project; The Morrigan

    So the point of this post is to begin that one mega sheet I wanted to do; The Morrigan combined with Nemian, Macha, and Babd. However the sheer size of the thing will warrant more than simply copy pasting and I want to review each to make sure they are the best version they could be. So, over the course of... say... a month or maybe even until next year, I'm going to post the requisite sheets one by one and make alterations/formatting fixes. For now, it's simply here to note that this project is ...

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  4. Current Work In Progress!

    Santaman is done so he's being moved until it's the proper time. Now its time to create Bran the Blessed.

    "Hahahaha! Hello, my master! I am of the saber class! What a fine servant you've summoned yourself!"

    Class: Saber
    True Name: Bran the Blessed
    Origins: Welsh Mythology
    Alignment: Good
    Likes: Alcohol, Friendship, the British Isles, and his Family. ...

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  5. Servant Sheets

    These are my current servant sheets. I will link to each of the most up-to-date versions of a particular sheet. If I have it unlinked, it's basically due to a more up-to-date version is instead. For now, here they are:

    Jack O' Lantern, Assassin.

    The Morrigan, Caster, Assassin, and/or Rider.

    Enoch, Caster.

    Taliesin, Caster.

    Jean-Baptiste Alliette, Caster.

    'Metatron', Caster.

    John Paul Jones, Rider (Assassin). ...

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