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  1. Sumerian Armour

    What are you doing Gilgamesh? Get outta there!

    Do Sumerians even have proper armour (that's not a helmet)?
  2. A wild loonie appeared!

    And no I don't mean a crazy/mentally unstable person, or the cartoon, or the bird...I mean the coin named after the bird that's worth 1$ CDN.

    So I was looking for my tablet and I thought it was hopeless and I would never find it. I found 2/3 parts of it (after ripping my room apart) and resigned myself to never find the third, my tablet pen. I sat down in front of my computer and started doing something else when I was hit on the head with something. I look around and see that what ...
    Tags: random
  3. "But Roogie is fwiend"

    So last night I had an incredibly random dream...

    It was Tohno Shiki and Ryougi Shiki living together in a small apartment. Ryougi is eating cereal and she sees Tohno walk by snapping a face cloth in his head. She then says to Tohno that he better not be putting that face-cloth into the hamper. He replies that he is because it was left of the shower floor.

    She gets angry and tells him not to because they are almost out of clean face cloths and it's not laundry day ...
  4. Bugs in Sugar

    Well, that's a great way to kill your appetite.

    I was going to make a tea and I saw that the sugar container was empty. So I went to open a new bag and the second I opened it I saw little brown bugs running around.

    Welp. I'll personally be seeing to the disinfection of the pantry tomorrow. As well as buying a bunch of new containers too, probably.

    We had to throw away 10$ (3 Bags) worth of sugar...
  5. [NSFW][Part 2] Lili teaches you about Boobs (with various Type-Moon girls) [A tutorial for drawing breasts]

    And we continue from the previous instalment but this time with more gravity!

    I hope this opening image isn't too racey o3o

    Note: This is about women without bras on.

    Ah yes gravity. The enemy of womankind everywhere unless your flat then you have nothing to worry about because you have nothing to worry about. ;3

    Anyways, I think we all know what gravity is, yes? It ...
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