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  1. Sherlock Season 1 Ending

    So, recently I watched the first season finale of Sherlock. Yeah, a bit late on that, but waiting for The Day of the Doctor is really hard. It was utterly brilliant as usual but, the ending, is really... Obviously will be spoilers-filled, so if you haven't watched Sherlock yet but want to eventually, feel free to skip this blog post.

    Really Moffat?! Really? You end a show that may or may not get a second season, on the world's worst cliffhanger

    Updated September 29th, 2013 at 10:48 AM by Fakessassin

  2. Quick Movie Review

    So, I went to watch "Detective Conan Private Eye In The Distant Sea" yesterday and it was pretty good. The ending is a little hokey in that children's movie kinda way, but that was expected. Hits all the right notes, Conan being awesome, Ran fights and Sleeping Kogoro still sleeps. Not much of a mystery, but it seems to be the staple of the movies, which has less mysterious and more running.

    All in all, what you see is what you get. Got free swag in the form of a badge, so ...
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