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  1. Virtue's Last Reward Part 1: Lock-Blocking

    Spoilers for 999 and partial spoilers for VLR below, read at your own peril.

    Just got Virtue's Last Reward, the sequel to Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and been playing it extensively. The puzzles are nice and it definitely feels like a 999 sequel. Just got both the K ending and the Clover Ending and dear god was it nice to actually get an ending after all that time. I like how it used the morphogenetic field so ...
    Tags: 999, aksys, chunsoft, VLR
  2. Sherlock Season 1 Ending

    So, recently I watched the first season finale of Sherlock. Yeah, a bit late on that, but waiting for The Day of the Doctor is really hard. It was utterly brilliant as usual but, the ending, is really... Obviously will be spoilers-filled, so if you haven't watched Sherlock yet but want to eventually, feel free to skip this blog post.

    Really Moffat?! Really? You end a show that may or may not get a second season, on the world's worst cliffhanger

    Updated September 29th, 2013 at 10:48 AM by Fakessassin

  3. Quick Movie Review

    So, I went to watch "Detective Conan Private Eye In The Distant Sea" yesterday and it was pretty good. The ending is a little hokey in that children's movie kinda way, but that was expected. Hits all the right notes, Conan being awesome, Ran fights and Sleeping Kogoro still sleeps. Not much of a mystery, but it seems to be the staple of the movies, which has less mysterious and more running.

    All in all, what you see is what you get. Got free swag in the form of a badge, so ...
    Tags: badge, conan, movie, Review
  4. Goddammit Atlus

    So, as I couldn't find Strange Journey and Radiant Historia at any shop I went to, I decided to order them online. Coincidentally, they came on the same day as my Soul Hackers. Okay, three Atlus games at once, still okay.

    Today, I went to get an actual case for my 3DS XL. After I did so, I suddenly spotted two games. They were Trauma Center 1 and 2. After replaying 999 for that Knife Ending, my puzzle VN itch got ignited and I couldn't find Virtue's Last Reward anywhere. With the two ...
  5. Recruiting Type-Moon fans is fun

    So, never really blogged (that's actually a word in the dictionary?) before, but hey, couldn't hurt to post my random musings. So, thanks to Katawa Shoujo, my friends have been introduced to the wonderful world of VNs. Seeing this as my chance to strike, I offered them Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night to play. Three of them would try it out later after the end of February , as we currently have major stuff to do at school. One of them, however...

    We chat on Live Messenger after school ...