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I enjoy reading blogs of different people: marketers, designers, developers, promoters, entrepreneurs, editors and specialists from other fields. And I noticed that among this list there are very few representatives of the music industry - not publications and all sorts of "public" with memes and articles reprinted from each other, I wanted to share my own experiences and learn from the mistakes I made in the past. I also want to share some life lessons I learned when I was young, and how to make the most out of my life. I also want to motivate people to do better and keep improving, because I know how much it means to improve yourself. I want to help people improve their lives and do better, and I want to share my ideas and thoughts with the world.namely blogs of specific people who would share personal experiences.
Today I want to share a few thoughts from the music industry from a different angle. I am a music producer, so I have something to say about this topic. I will talk about the music industry from the perspective of a producer and record label owner. I have come to a lot of interesting conclusions, which I will share with you today.
I decided to launch a blog on music business, which will be a platform for the exchange of views, ideas and experiences. I want to share my ideas, which I got through my own experience, as well as through the experience of others. And, of course, I am ready to listen to the opinions of others, and to learn from them. I want to inspire others to action, to learn, to develop themselves.

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