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Garden of the God of Failed Work

A whiff of lavender and blossom is carried by the wind.
It turns into a swift hand, beckoning you to come in.
You are greeted with a sea of petals with some flying about and gently swaying in the wind...
Why are there random swords poking out from the floor?
The petals form a signboard: "This guy's a chuunibyou, forgive him.".

  1. The Sarcophagus' Forges

    by , May 25th, 2023 at 10:57 AM (Garden of the God of Failed Work)
    A large white beam greets you at the entrance to the Gardens as you feel intrigued. You place your hand on it, and the grassy mellows rises swiftly: You have quickly reached the top of the beam.
    "Eh, why didn't Beast's Lair save my damn post?! A weird man with an eggshell head slams his hand on his table. You know his next sheet is going to be either: a) Lackluster, b)Rushed, or c)The Newest SCP in the Hood. You decide to adventure through the meadows until you've spotted some fires

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