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Salt Pillar

  1. Fate/Phantonym Credence | Character Archives

    ☈ An Allegory for The Caves ☄

    Team Saber
    Narcisa Fulgenico & Saber of Flowers

    There is no crest to be had. No flowers bloom on the wanderlust-led child.

    Narcisa Fulgenico once belonged to a house filled to the brim with love and cadence. But soon the walls did collapse, and since the dome shattered bleakly such things were catastrophes upon all onlookers. Among the Sixteen
  2. The Throne of Salt & The Pillar Library

    The Throne

    S A B E R
    - Fiore dei Liberi
    - Perceforest

    A R C H E R
    - Temujin Lily

    L A N C E R
    - Herla Cynin

    R I D E R
    - Kay Kavus/Shukra

    C A S T E R
    - Ihy

    A S S A S S I N

    B E R S E R K E R

    R U L E R
    - Miriam the Prophetess

    A V E N G E R

    M O O N C A N C E R

    F O R E I G N E R

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