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    Quote Originally Posted by mAc Chaos
    Just in time for Anime Expo. Are you going there too?
    Mmm, not this year, sadly.

    Moving it to Thursday rather than Saturday was a death knell for me since I can't take two days off work to go.

    That being said, I work literally two blocks from where the Expo is, s-so I can probably say hi to anyone who does.

    ...P-Probably, nerves permitting.
  2. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    Just in time for Anime Expo. Are you going there too?
  3. Sunny's Avatar
    I-It did! Thank you for asking.

    I spent a lot of this weekend recovering, eheh, but I'll be marshaling my silly thoughts tomorrow.
  4. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    I hope it went well.
  5. relt's Avatar
    I hope you get well soon and good luck.
  6. Bird of Hermes's Avatar
    Getting sick over the holidays is the worst, hope you get better soon.

    Good of luck getting Nightingale too!
  7. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    aw ;w;

    Sounds amazing even if you were sick
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4score7years
    That's so great! Hope the rest of your trip was nice!
    Thank you muchly! It was absolutely magical...
  9. 4score7years's Avatar
    That's so great! Hope the rest of your trip was nice!
  10. Bird of Hermes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny
    ...I am altogether stupidly tempted.
    Treat yourself
  11. Spinach's Avatar
    Dang, that sucks hard. Very sorry to hear. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach
    D: hope you recover well. Were either accidents serious?
    Well, honestly, two days later I feel embarrassed and self-conscious for posting anything about it at all, so I apologize for that.

    I may already be resigned to taking medicine the rest of my life, but I have no real fondness for adding pain medicine to the crew. They make me useless and sleepy.

    Which irritates me to no end and I was feeling a bit frustrated on Friday. Thank you for the concern, though.

    ...Well, to answer your question, if your definition of serious includes not having a car anymore, then somewhat.
  13. Spinach's Avatar
    D: hope you recover well. Were either accidents serious?
  14. Lace's Avatar
    Aww I bet you're an amazing woman and I'm sad I didn't get to meet you when I could! ♥
  15. Sunny's Avatar
    A pretty fundamental one, yeah.

    ...I feel ungrateful since it's not like they actually hate me and it isn't... I don't know, actual rejection, but rather that operating under a fundamental misunderstanding of what I am to someone is rather embarrassing and struck me pretty hard and unguarded.

    Sometimes the cap on my bottle is too loose. Sorry for a pure vent post.
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  16. Bird of Hermes's Avatar
    Disagreement on "what you are"? Ouch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bird of Hermes
    Just do what I do, find a character you (vaguely) look like and have a comewhat similar fashion sense to, spend a maximum of £20 on one thing and BAM instant cosplay.

    ...That may work.

    Clever workaround, eheh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Strife ❤️
    is me

    Kya! That's a cute recreation. The wig looks super cute. ^^

    ...Mm. Actually being able to tailor the pieces seems like a pretty vital skill to start working on and the suggestions for budget options are super appreciated. Thank you thank you!

    I'll definitely have to pay-to-play for my next commission, since I dearly want to rig a working D'Eon one, and that's... way beyond my starter pack skill level, lol.
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  18. The Geek's Avatar
    Pre-made cosplays are always overpriced to hell and back. Every cosplay I've done has been really cheaply home-made (never more than $50), so I don't get stopped and photographed but I still have tons of fun. Though of course that's probably also because I don't really have the... uh... physique of many of the characters I cosplay.
  19. In-N-Out Double-Double & Animal Fries's Avatar
    My sister handmakes all her stuff

    If I bother to, I just get something off some Chinese site and then try to tailor it to my size, which often sucks because I'm apparently a lot skinnier than most people my height and everything is super baggy.
  20. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    is me

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