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Elf's Random Musings

  1. That's a Wrap

    So today I posted the epilogue of The Stolen, the first Law Unto Herself Chronicle.

    This story has been almost three years in the making, and sadly I didn't get to work on it as much as I wanted to last year. Honestly, this should have been finished months ago, but 2015 was rough. Road and I had to suddenly move, I had to re-home my very large dog (she's doing great btw), and my grandfather passed away all within a two month span of each other.

    That being said, I'm ...
  2. Across the Pond

    I'm excited!

    I just signed and sent out a contract for an anthology being published in England. So once this is published, I'll be an internationally published author. Which I can totally add to my writing credentials, and will.

    Even though Camaro is spelled differently in England, which is weird.
  3. So Long and Good Night!

    As of today, November 1st, 2015 I am resigning from my position as admin of Beast's Lair.

    As someone you know, Roadbuster resigned earlier this year so this shouldn't really be that much of a surprise. I've been an admin of BL almost as long as I've been married, over 5 years. I've seen the Fall of Old BL (how I miss you) and the rise of this community, and now I think is a good time to bow out.

    We've got some great new mods with Seika and mAc, and the community is pretty ...
  4. So, Apparently Today is the First International Fanworks Day

    So, I found out today is apparently International Fanworks Day, and the first one to Boot.

    Even though it's been a while since I've written fic, being busy with LUHC, but since I was fourteen I was writing fanfic. Oh man, my first fanfic was sort of painful. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest that had I created a "romantic interest" for Jonny because I had a giant crush on him at the time and that the cool redheaded girl who was the daughter of the most awesome badass white ...
  5. So I Need Some Advice . . .

    I'm currently hosting a serial at Jukepop Serials. It's one of their highest rated serials. Well, they're extending into publishing, but with a twist.

    See, the author handles getting the cover, editing, and promotion etc while Jukepop publishes the work. However, to get the capital to do this, Jukepop has a sort of Crowd Funding set up. The author states how much they need and get donations and pledges.

    However, instead of giving rewards for different amounts, if a ...
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