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Elf's Random Musings

  1. I Bid You Welcome and Good Evening!

    So, long time no see!

    I've been alive. Not really working on any fanfiction, but it's good to see that the old stomping grounds are alive and well.

    With that being said, I do play a ton of FGO. And I have an absurd amount of luck when it comes to Sabers in that game. I got NP2 Mordred, Sigfried, Atilla, and Otika as well as most of the 4 Star Sabers. I have no luck when it comes to Lancers though. I had to buy my two 5 Star Lancers and I'm still salty that I still ...
  2. Publishing Acceptance For the Win!

    So, last night, in a fit of squee, I got an email from Pill Hill Press, the main publisher I've been getting my stuff published by, stating that they've accepted my story "Cautionary Tales" for their anthology Use More Gun. It's their third in their monster hunter anthology series. I got published in their first one, rejected for the second, and did a follow up story for the one that was in the first one and boom accepted.

    If you want to know more about my other published works you could, you know, click on this link. It's awesome. ...