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  1. Unexpectedly Rolling In

    ...Huh. It has been a while.

    Life in Singapore for the last few months is .... interesting. It definitely isn't a perfect place like a lot of people said and everything under its light is expensive, especially when you are an art student who had unwittingly taken up a technical drawing course. I wonder if I could save up for the next AFA at this rate. Last year AFA was fun (the SAO stand ran out of everything in one day. There isn't anything very remarkable from Fate Zero's though |, ...
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  2. First Week of College

    ... It's not so different from my highschool. Except for the timetable, which I don't think is that much different. And some improvement in terms of the school facility. Sadly, I have gotten some assignments, which I must finish before next Tuesday. Thank God I have no class on Mondays, so maybe I can go meet my former classmate this Sunday.

    Meanwhile, I've gotten better at navigating the streets here. It's real nice to be able to walk to everywhere I want, since it's an impossible ...
    Tags: college life
  3. Life in Another Country

    So. Apparently I'm now an international student in Singapore.

    Yeah. I'd be happy for any tips from Singaporean BLers.

    So far, I like the clean environments and convenient transportation. Not so much for the prices here, everything is expensive. Stupidly expensive. Especially compared to prices in China. Which reminds me: Guangzhou, Huizhou and Humen got the best food at the lowest price. The sushi in Guangzhou is much cheaper and more delicious to the one at home. I'm sure ...
  4. New Modem and Restlessness

    Finally! I got a stable internet provider for the rest of June. Sadly, it isn't Wifi anymore and I would have to fight over the modem with my little sister. Welp, I'll relent; I'm going to Singapore for college this July anyway. Now that it's only a month away from this new life I'm starting to feel nervous....

    Not to mention tomorrow's surgery. I'd have to postpone watching Madagascar 3 and Snow White....
  5. What is this I can't even

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