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Hatori's Study

The haven of the God of MegaCrossovers.

  1. Progress Report.

    Here's the current progress report.

    Current project estined Legacies chapter eleven.

    Progress: 30% complete(in writing.)

    Expected ETA: sometime tomorrow morning.
  2. Story Progression. Roadblocked.

    Argh, between the different things i need done on a daily basis, this is getting damned annoying when I can't simply sit down and write out my thoughts without having to pick up a reference note.

    That being said.

    Story progressions:

    Current status: roadblocked.
    Snippet work: 20% done( conception formed. now to actually imagine how the scene is set.)
    Destined Legacies: 40% done ( 2/3rds of the characters featured have their own story written ...
  3. By hook or by crook.

    I swear i'm going to find some time tomorrow that doesn;t distract me from actually writing, or killing my mood to write.
  4. Valentine's Eve progress...

    by , February 13th, 2013 at 12:33 PM (Hatori's Study)
    I'll be churning out one or two things, with one garunteed to be at least a DL chapter. The other'll be a valentine's special.
  5. I'm still busy making money, but that's not all i wanna do...

    by , February 1st, 2013 at 11:56 AM (Hatori's Study)
    Next Story: Black, White and Blue (SAO X Shirou Crossover fic) Final chapter/ Destined Legacies Chapter Six

    Story Progress:10%/ 15%
    Estimated Time of completion: Depends on either.

    Between looking for a temp position, finishing off my own projects, and getting in some excercise. (Annoying as it is, I put back the seven kilos i lost while in japan), I really ought to finish up some parts of the stories I've started.
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