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  1. Archer is the Shark King

  2. So didn't know where else to put this, so here it goes! Does anyone know of an anime/manga similar to School Rumble?

    I know it's pretty old, but I really liked it! sad that it's over, what do you guys think of the series and any similar recommendations?
  3. The Joys of having a job.

    So I am now employed and to celebrate I went on a spending spree this is what I bought/ordered.

    Jam by Yahtzee Crosshaw
    12 books by Ian Irvine (one of my fav authours)
    Assassins Creed 3 Join or Die Edition
    Halo 4 Special Edition
    Ni no Kuni Special Edition
    Lotr Illustrated Edition
    The Hobbit Illustrated Edition

    I know that looks like a lot, but most of it is on order so I will be able to save up to pay for each of them in between each ...
    Tags: working
  4. So I was reccomended a movie....

    It's called A Serbian Film, before I watched it I looked up the wiki page, it sure is something you don't see everyday..... anyone actually seen it?
    Tags: movie, Sick, weird
  5. My PSU just exploded in a bright light.

    I crapped myself, but it should have been able to handle my system it was 500W. I was wondering what are the chances that my graphics card has been destroyed?

    Oh well guess it's back to the laptop for now
    Tags: Computer, sad
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