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  1. Snow's Avatar
    It's funny cause I feel I have the exact reverse case. I started going to architecture school and I often regret not having time to travel, and traveling is something I was always passionate about. I try to comfort myself with the fact that there's always a chance for regret, whatever you decide to do, and that I'm still young and there's still time.
    If nothing else, your travels will help you with arch immensely.
  2. JetKinen's Avatar
    So i'm curious

    Who is "The Dealer"?

    EDIT:Oh nevermind, just read the other blog
    Updated September 13th, 2015 at 06:49 PM by JetKinen
  3. Vagrant's Avatar
    I'm talking purely in terms of Divinoty Ranking. Because divinity has that thing where you can reduce the damage of similarly-natured deities of a lower rank than you. But they'd probably both tie up at Rank A Divinity so it's a bit of a moot point.
  4. Christemo's Avatar
    Lugalbanda is a cool ass dood. Though I dont see how Manco could ever be equal to Karna considering he's from the 1200's.
  5. Vagrant's Avatar
    But I already have 2 other entries in this series of pointless blog posts!
  6. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Boy oh boy do I have the thread for you:
  7. Vagrant's Avatar
    Sadlyit is slightly out of my way.
  8. GundamFSN's Avatar
    I'm in Gyeonggi-do right now for study. I guess it's too far from Busan huh.
  9. Vagrant's Avatar
    I wanted to but hard to arrange.
  10. You's Avatar
    You should go north of South Korea.
  11. Vagrant's Avatar
    Your blog is absolutely legit. It is in fact 2 legit. 2 legit 2 quit.
  12. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    So, can I claim to have a legit blog now?

    Congrats, by the way.
  13. Vagrant's Avatar
    Busan in South Korea for 2 weeks. Lazy beach lazing.
  14. Bridgeburner's Avatar
    So where are you

    If you know it
  15. Char's Avatar
    As a Scot I agree, snow is the worst
  16. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Speaking as a Canadian, snow is vastly overrated.
  17. Vagrant's Avatar
    That's uh... rather severe. You psychotic nutcase, you stay away from my home!
  18. Seika's Avatar
    Burn everything down when you get back. That'll show them.
  19. Petrikow's Avatar
    not the chastity belt, dad, nooooooo
  20. Vagrant's Avatar
    That's actually just addiction Petri. You need an untervention. We need to perform a wank intervention.
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