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  1. OK fine

    You're probably going to ban me for daring to post this, but right now I do not care. This has to be said.

    From this moment forward, I will not talk to any of the moderators or admins on this forum, except about moderator-related issues, until such a time as you (as individuals, not a group) are willing to treat me fairly and communicate with me. Full stop.

    As far as I am concerned, it is like you are on ignore, since I unfortunately cannot actually ignore you. So, if ...

    Updated November 19th, 2012 at 03:11 PM by SeiKeo

  2. Mod abuse of power

    OK, since none of the mods can actually be bothered to respond to my complaints, either in the thread or via VM, I guess I'll post it here instead.

    Recently, I've noticed that mods and even admins are starting to abuse their powers. Making decisions on a whim just because they feel like it and handing out privileges for silly games.

    First, we had DP handing out nice shiny names to people for his games on IRC. OK, so he was just messing about, but it still wasn't very ...
    Tags: mods, power abuse
  3. BL status

    Is it just me, or is BL totally broken at the moment? I can get access to the front page, but I can't view any of the content....

    I'm mainly making this to test if it works, since I noticed that Beam made a blog (although I'd do wonder how she missed the general brokenness of the forum...).
  4. Yet more bad moderation.

    OK, so, people are asking what happened with my ban, so I thought I'd explain it before DP can come up with a bunch of excuses.

    Basically, I got banned because Elf was in a pissy with her job, DP can't communicate to save his fucking life and Altima, well, I dunno, maybe he decided he'd help me out in an argument for once, by proving me right when I said something that, at the time, was probably actually wrong. Nothing else makes sense, certainly, because there's no fucking way in ...

    Updated August 23rd, 2012 at 08:15 PM by Mike1984

  5. Internet stalking

    OK, it's just come to my attention that Neir has been sent my Facebook account (or found it from somewhere) and posted it on the #notes IRC chat.

    To be quite frank, that is just totally beyond reasonable. It is one thing to argue with someone over the internet, but to be so malicious as to deliberately spread things like that around just demonstrates his true nature. And I don't care if I get a warning for this, because I want people to know what he has done, and how much of an asshole ...

    Updated June 21st, 2012 at 06:51 PM by Mike1984

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